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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1260 – Isn“t That Gu Jingze? earthquake hanging
“Why would you must discover of that?”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
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“Ahhh… ok, I realize him. KG previously mentioned that he ought to be an experienced and skilled character on this subject. His approaches are incredibly unique…”
KG mentioned, “I invaded the Gu Industries’ system in the past, but was moved backside. I only controlled to achieve the time to get in and have a look following I bought the help of some people to invade it alongside one another. On the other hand, I didn’t reach go too deep inside. I have ascertained that this guy may be the loved ones top of your head, Gu Jingze.”
“Do you feel we are blind?” Uneven Throat said, “Didn’t we percieve him last night?”
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KG’s view narrowed. “That’s him.”
KG still sat there, eating his meals.
Lin Che smiled, “You’re overthinking things. Paparazzi aren’t that omnipotent. They’re still a considerable way out from having the ability to shadow me.”

Uneven Neck got observed as KG penetrated the Gu Industries’ method, and listened to what Chen Hui obtained mentioned on how strong the Gu Markets was. Therefore, they wished to get in and take a look. KG only had been able invade it for the short second, but was discontinued by a lot of hurdles. It wasn’t so easy to acquire access. He only had been able to get a screenshot of Gu Jingze’s image and revealed it to Crooked Throat.
She reported, “They are directly attached to the police officers confirming program, as well as have quite strong protection. It’s not the same as the security techniques that regular makes use of to fend off of hackers. When you men could actually get your hands on a single thing just after entering, a thing would be completely wrong.”
But does KG have these thoughts on her?
“Invaded?” Lin Che was hit by way of a imagined and she immediately reacted. “You’ve penetrated to the Gu Industries’ process just before?”
“KG was the individual that invaded in. He didn’t take a look at way too many spots, only have a straightforward search.”
Uneven Neck area checked outside in disbelief.
Uneven Neck was so shocked that it really sensed as though his jaws were actually going to fall out of. “How is the fact that probable? Why haven’t I been told about that prior to?”
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Crooked Neck considered this person, amazed.
“Is that so? Then KG is very quite wonderful.” Lin Che organised affection for him. Qin Hao had described frequently that the system’s firewall could fend off 100% in the intruders. But considering that KG could still key in, he was pretty wonderful.
Lin Che observed her cellphone rang and swiftly said, “Alright, my husband will be here to pick out me up.”
Crooked Neck claimed, “That’s not surprisingly. He’s our manager.”
Uneven The neck and throat investigated this person, amazed.
Also, they had been considered trustworthy men and women now. She wasn’t worried that they’d photograph their mouths away and off to people.
“Huh?” Lin Che looked at Uneven Neck area in amaze. “What would you indicate?”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Uneven Throat drew in more detailed, stuttering somewhat from frustration. “Sister Che, you can’t be in this way. You can’t just declare that you’re already married because you want to refuse our KG. For those who obtained married… the entire world know over it. You are so famous… there are several paparazzi.”
She contemplated how Li Mingyu had helped bring this approximately her prior to in those days, but Lin Che hadn’t undertaken it very seriously.
Whats up, he appears somewhat familiarized.
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Crooked The neck and throat implemented her out and saw that a small grouping of people was waiting outside for Lin Che.
Uneven Neck reported, “What do you consider, Sister Che? You… can’t possibly be experience shy, appropriate? Hehe, we are all so close up. If there’s anything at all you intend to say, just say it. Why sometimes you may feel the requirement to be reluctant?”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Additionally, they were considered reliable persons now. She wasn’t nervous that they’d snap their mouths off to others.
Crooked The neck and throat stated, “We didn’t know. But we required an appearance when our employer penetrated their strategy a few days ago.”
1260 Isn“t That Gu Jingze?
Whats up, he appearance somewhat acquainted.
“Do you would imagine we are sightless?” Crooked Throat reported, “Didn’t we have seen him last night?”
Lin Che didn’t mind. She thought to him, “Come then.”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Crooked Throat was stunned, struggling to react to what she was announcing.